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Privacy Policy

Manzil Ameer IIC (“Super Real Estates”or“we”)is committed to protecting your privacy online and we believe that you must understand how we use any information you provide to us and, further, that you must have the right to consent to the use of such information. This Privacy Notice describes the types of Personal Information we collect and the actions we take to maintain the security and confidentiality of your personal data.

In handling your information, we follow the “consent that has been notified” policy, namely: In using various features of the Site, sometimes you provide information, such as your name, your contact information, or other information about yourself where others may identify you (hereinafter referred to as“Personal Information”),to Super Real Estates, our Third Party Platforms, or other users you may contact when visiting our Site. We may use this information and other technical information about your use of this Site to tailor their delivery to you, to facilitate your movement through this Site, or communicate separately with you. However, we will never knowingly provide your Personal Information to companies or other individuals not listed above (collectively,“Third Parties”)without your prior written permission to do so.

This Privacy Notice is part of the terms and conditions governing your relationship with Super Real Estates. This Privacy Notice includes the following:

  1. What information is covered by the Privacy Notice
  2. What Personal Information we collect
  3. How we use your Personal Information
  4. With which Third Parties we may share your Personal Information with
  5. What are your rights
  6. How we protect your Personal Information
  7. What security precautions exist to protect against loss, misuse, or alteration of your Information
  8. How long we retain your Personal Information
  9. Where our Personal Information is deposited
  10. What about Third Party platforms
  11. What if changes to this Privacy Notice occur
  12. Recognition and Approval
  13. How to contact us
  1. What information does this Privacy Notice cover?

    This Privacy Noticcovers all services including but not limited to PinCore, Super Real Estates Home Service, PinPlatform, and other service that may be added from time to time, and includes all Personal Information received, retrieved or processed by us, including single or combined information with other information, which allows you to be identified directly or indirectly.

  2. What Personal Information do we collect?
    1. We collect Personal Information, whether from you, Third Party sources and/or other publicly available sources, which includes the following
      • Your Personal Information includes but is not limited to your name, address, gender, telephone number, id (including ID card, driver’s license, or Passport) or other government-issued ID, bank account and credit card details, and e-mail address;
      • Sensitive Personal Information such as biometric identifiers (including but not limited to photos and facial recognition), health data, financial information. In addition, for other information, such as personal profiles, and/or unique identification numbers associated with or combined with Personal Information, that may be used for verification purposes; and/or
      • Personal Information is sensitive when conducting checks to comply with applicable laws and regulations for the purpose of detecting and preventing financial crimes.
      • Whenever you use the Application or visit our website, we may collect certain technical data in connection with your use such as, internet protocol address, previously or subsequently viewed web page information, duration of each visit/session, internet device identity or media access control address, and mobile advertising ID and other device information including information about the manufacturer, model, and operating system of the device you use to access the Application or our website. The collection of certain information on our website visits and/or our applications may be collected automatically using cookies
      • You may be required or required to enable the Global Positioning System (GPS) on your mobile device to enable us to provide you with a better experience using the Application (for example, to provide information about how close the service provider is to you). You can temporarily disable geographic location tracking information on your mobile device.
      • If you use and/or when payment or transfer is made through electronic money facilities and/or electronic wallets provided by us, we may collect certain information related to the source of funds you use to top up (including bank account details), withdrawal recipient account details, transaction history (including recipient details), billing details, invoices, and phone numbers.
      • If you use and/or at the time a payment is made via a payment card or account that you add to the Application, we may collect certain information related to the transaction record, including the recipient’s details, billing details, receipt details, and phone number details.
    2. When you provide another person’s Personal Information to us, you are deemed to have obtained consent from that person for the collection, use and disclosure of that person’s Personal Information for use as described in “How we use your Personal Information” below
  3. How do we use your Personal Information?
    1. We may process, transfer and disclose your information for the following purposes as well as for any other purposes permitted by applicable laws and regulations(“Purposes”):
      • If you are a user:
        • to identify and register you as a user and to administer, verify, disable, or manage your account;
        • to facilitate or allow any verification that in our consideration is necessary before the service provider provides services to you or before we register you as a user, including conducting the process ofKnowing Your Customer ( KYC) and creditscoring);
        • to enable the service provider to provide the services you have requested;
        • to process and facilitate your orders and payment transactions, including as applicable, transactions made through payment cards or accounts available  on the Application;
        • to notify you of transactions or activities occurring within the Application or other systems connected to our Application;
        • to communicate with you and transmit you information in connection with your use of the Application;
        • to notify you of any updates to the Application or changes to the services provided;
        • to process and respond to questions and suggestions received from you; Dan
        • to send you marketing communications, advertisements, vouchers, surveys, and information directly or focused, and information about special offers or promotions.
      • If you are a service provider:
        • to identify you and register you as a service provider and to administer, manage or verify your account;
        • to facilitate or enable any verification that in our sole discretion may need to be done before we can register you as a service provider, including for KYC(Know Your Customer)andcredit scoring);
        • to enable you to provide services to users;
        • to process, facilitate, and complete payments to you in connection with the services you have provided;
        • to communicate with you and send you information related to the provision of your services, including to deliver user orders to you and to facilitate your  acceptance of such orders;
        • to provide you with notices and updates to the Application or changes to the way the service is provided;
        • to provide you with reports related to the services you have provided;
        • to process and respond to user suggestions for the services you have provided;
        • to maintain, develop, test, improve, and personalize the Application to meet your needs and preferences as a service provider; Dan
        • to send you marketing communications, advertisements, promotions, surveys, and special offers or promotions directly or on target.
      • We may also use your Personal Information more generally for the following purposes (in certain cases, we will act reasonably and not use your Personal Information more than is necessary for such purposes):
        • to perform related business processes and functions;
        • to monitor the use of the Application and manage, support and improve the efficiency of performance, development, user experience and functions of the Application
        • to provide assistance in connection with and to resolve technical difficulties or operational problems with the Application or services;
        • to generate statistical information and analytics data for testing, research, analysis, product development, commercial partnerships, and cooperation purposes;
        • to prevent, detect and investigate any prohibited, illegal, unauthorized or fraudulent activity;
        • to facilitate business asset transactions (which may be mergers, acquisitions or asset sales) involving us and/or our affiliates; Dan
        • to enable us to comply with all statutory obligations, including but not limited to responding to regulatory requests, investigations or directives, comply with archiving, reporting and licensing requirements required by applicable regulations) and conduct auditing, due diligence and investigation checks.
        • In connection with the insurance claim process, we will share your Personal Information for the purposes of processing insurance claims with insurance companies we work with.
    2. We use cookies on some of our web pages to collect information about users of our Site (including to store user preferences and record session information). Cookies are small text files that can be sent from our Siteto your browser window, which stores certain information on your system. This information is shared with us so that we can provide you with a more personalized service when you visit our Site. This is because it allows our users to be recognized by our Site as the same users based on the computer or mobile device information you will use to access our Site, including but not limited to IP address information, server information, user preferences, email addresses and passwords used to access our Site. You can adjust the settings in your browserwindow so that you will be notified when you receive cookies. You can disable cookies at any time by changing the settings in your browser / browser/browser window. However, by disabling cookies,you may not use certain functions on our application or Site.
  4. With which Third Parties can we share your Personal Information?

    Your Personal Information is confidential information and we will not use or disclose your personal data information for the benefit of any Third Party, except to:

    1. Third Parties permitted by law:We may disclose your Personal Information based on orders or requirements from courts or other government agencies, or to any of our lawyers, accountants and advisors, including to prevent any offences relating to any crime including but not limited to corruption, money laundering, or terrorism, or in the event of legal proceedings of any kind between you and us, or between you and any other party, in connection with the service, for the purposes of legal process; and/or
    2. Third Parties relating to our business activities:We may disclose your Personal Information to any Third Party including but not limited to service providers (co-workers, vendors, agents, suppliers, or other parties) in connection with our business activities, in order to support the smooth running of our business activities.
  5. What are your rights?
    1. You have rights with respect to:
      • Access: to request a copy of the Personal Information we process about you.
      • Correction: to notify us of your Inaccurate Personal Information.
      • Withdrawal of Consent: if you consent to the withdrawal of your Personal Information, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. If you withdraw your consent based on your request, we do not have the capacity to provide you with our products or services. Your withdrawal may be considered an termination of any agreement relationship, which may result in breach and/or liability.
    2. You may make a request to exercise any of the above rights in connection with your Personal Information by submitting a written request to us (see “How to contact us” below).
    3. Your rights are subject to the prevailing laws and regulations. We may refuse your request at a time when our confidential information or the privacy of others may be agreed upon or on the basis of other reasonableness, if permitted to be done by law.
  6. How do we protect your Personal Information?
    1. Maintaining the confidentiality of your information is very important to us. As with all information, we will never rent or sell your personal and business-related information to Third Parties without your written permission.
    2. We protect your Personal Information by complying with Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia number 20 of 2016 concerning the Protection of Personal Data in Electronic Systems(“Data Protection Regulation”),or regulations issued from time to time by relevant authorities relating to Personal Information received from or granted access by you, whether in writing, oral, visual or in electronic form(“Data”).
    3. While we strive to protect your Personal Data, we cannot guarantee the security of the information you communicate over the Internet, and we emphasize that you take precautions to protect your Personal Data when you are online. We recommend that you change your password frequently, using a combination of letters and numbers, and ensure that you are using a secure browser.
    4. In addition to ensuring your username and password are secure and confidential and not shared with unauthorized persons, you need to notify us at the first opportunity if you know or suspect that your username and password are lost, stolen, or compromised, or where unauthorized transactions have/may occur. We are not responsible for any losses incurred by such security breaches or against unauthorized use of your username and password.
  7. What security precautions are there to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of your information?
    1. Your personal information is accessed by cookies on your computer so only you should be able to access it. You can edit your profile information by logging in (log in) to our Site from your computer.
    2. We advise you to sign out of your account and Close your browser / browser / browser window after you have finished the job you. This will help ensure that others cannot access Personal Information and correspondence you if you share your computer with other people or use your computer in a public place like library or internet cafe.
    3. The company uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology encryption to protect certain information passed on by you. This technology protects you from interception of information by anyone other than us while it is being transmitted. We’re always trying to make sure that the Web servers (sites) are secure and that they meet industry standards. We also use other safeguards such as firewalls, authentication systems (eg, passwords and personal identification numbers) and access control mechanisms to control unauthorized access to systems and data.
  8. How long do we keep Information Your personal?

    We may retain your personal data for as long as necessary, to comply with legal and regulatory requirements or when we need it for our legitimate purposes such as to protect or enforce our legal rights, combat fraud and financial crimes, and deal with any dispute or matter that may arise. We will return and delete any Data we receive by mistake or unnecessarily within a period of no later than 30 (thirty) business days and/or take steps to make it anonymous so that you can no longer be identified.

  9. Where is our personal information depository?
    1. When you use our Apps and services in other countries where our Apps are accessible(“Destination Country”),we may transfer your Personal Information from your home country (“Countryof Origin”)to the Destination Country to allow you to access and ensure your third smooth customer experience using our Application abroad. In such event, we will seek your consent to transfer your Personal Data from the Country of Origin to the Destination Country to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
    2. Personal Information from you that we collect may be stored, transferred, or processed by Third Party service providers. We will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that all such Third Party service providers provide a level of protection comparable to our commitments under this Privacy Notice
    3. We will comply with all applicable rules and laws and use all our best efforts to ensure our Affiliates in other countries and all Third Party service providers provide a level of protection equivalent to our commitment in this Privacy Notice.
  10. What about Third Party platforms?
    1. Applications, websites and Marketing Materials may contain links to websites operated by Third Parties. We do not control or accept any liability or responsibility for this website and for the collection, use, maintenance, sharing, or disclosure of data and information by such Third Parties. Please read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of such Third Party websites to find out how they collect and use your Personal Information.
    2. When you use our App, you may enablefingerprintand/orfacial recognitionon your mobile device for authentication purposes, please note that we do not store such biometric data. Unless otherwise notified to you, such data is stored on your mobile device and may be stored by Third Parties, such as the manufacturer of your device. You agree and acknowledge that we are not responsible for any unauthorized access or loss of any biometric data stored on your mobile device.
    3. Ads contained on our Apps, websites and Marketing Materials serve as links to advertisers’ websites and as such any information they collect based on your clicks on those links will be collected and used by relevant advertisers in accordance with that advertiser’s privacy policy.
  11. What if changes to this Privacy Notice occur?

    We may review and amend the Privacy Notice in our sole discretion from time to time, to ensure that this Privacy Notice is consistent with our future developments, and/or changes to legal or regulatory requirements. If we decide to change this Privacy Notice, we will notify you of such changes through a general notice published on the Application and/or website, or otherwise to your e-mail address listed in your account. You agree that it is your responsibility to review this Privacy Notice regularly for the latest information about our data processing and data protection practices, and that your continued use of the Application or our website, communicating with us, or accessing and using the services after any changes to this Privacy Notice will be deemed to be your consent to this Privacy Notice and any changes there to it.

  12. Recognition and Approval
    1. By agreeing to the Privacy Notice, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Notice and agree to all of its terms. In particular, you agree and consent to us collecting, using, sharing, disclosing, storing, transferring, or processing your Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Notice.
    2. In the circumstances in which you provide us with Personal Information relating to another individual (such as Personal Information relating to your spouse, family member, friend, or other party), you represent and warrant that you have obtained consent from such individual to, and hereby consent on behalf of such individual to, our collection, use, disclosure and processing of their Personal Information.
    3. We and our associates may send you direct marketing, advertising, and promotional communications through push-notification applications, messages through the Application, posts, phone calls, short message services (SMS), and emails(“MarketingMaterials”) if you have agreed to subscribe to our mailing list, and/or agree to receive marketing and promotional materials from us. You can opt out of receiving such marketing communications at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” option contained in the message in question, or contacting us via the contact details listed below. Please note that if you opt out, we may still send you non-promotional messages, such as receipts or information about your account.
    4. Information transmitted through communications between users and service providers conducted other than through the use of the Application (such as by telephone calls, SMS, mobile messages or other means of communication and collection of your Personal Information by our agents) may also be stored in several ways. We do not allow the storage of Personal Information in such a way and we are not responsible to you for it. We will not be responsible for the retention of your Personal Information. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless us, our officers, directors, employees, agents, co-workers, suppliers, contractors and affiliates from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, costs, damages and expenses (including but not limited to legal fees and expenses in full compensation) resulting directly or indirectly from any unauthorized retention of your Personal Information.

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